Don't just take our word for it. See why so many choose Solar Ground-N-Pound for their solar needs!



Solar Ground-N-Pound is hands-down a premiere one-stop-shop for your large scale solar project. One project they did for us had an almost impossible deadline, horrible site conditions, and major design errors, but they made it happen! We were shocked to find such an easy and professional contractor to work with despite any/all adversities. Any task asked of Solar Ground-N-Pound was accomplished, properly, timely, and without controversy. We plan to hire Solar Ground-N-Pound on many more projects to come!



Matt Beres and his company Solar Ground-N-Pound have worked on three of our major projects and we would recommend Solar Ground-N-Pound if you are looking for someone with experience in inserting posts for ground mounted PV systems, assembly of solar PV racking, mounting solar PV modules onto the racking, any of the trenching-excavating-conduit required for your typical ground mounted PV system, and all miscellaneous tasks. I have never heard one complaint from the project manager on any of his projects and he has been extremely efficient working in really bad weather conditions; even in severe winter conditions found here in upstate, NY.


I have known Matt Beres from Solar Ground-N-Pound for over 10 years and can tell you that he's an honest and fair business owner. Matt and I have worked together on solar installations ranging from kilowatt to megawatt solar jobs and can state that Solar Ground-N-Pound works in both good and bad weather conditions.. This can be an important factor when project deadlines are short and when time is of-the-essence.

Probably the most important thing to know about Matt and his team is that they are detailed oriented people who value customer needs as well as customer and employee safety. They strictly follow the National Electric Code and OSHA safety guidelines on each and every solar installation that they perform. Matt and his team pride themselves on jobs completed on time and under budget and always leaving a clean job site. Solar Ground-N-Pound also own all  of the requisite equipment needed  for larger sized solar jobs (e.g. lull, trenchers, post-hole machines for racking, etc.) which helps to insure on-time starts without the need to find or rent specialized equipment. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with Matt Beres and the Solar Ground & Pound team because they are experienced, hard working, well supervised and are a one-stop-shop for for all facets of solar installation.